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Nair Polygamy Outline of relationships Polygyny threshold model. Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete. Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've never met a man in my life who cares the least bit about income of a woman. In fact before I got married, I started to only date women who were successful and earned a decent wage. In reality, I don't know about that, contrary to many of the responses below. Sometimes, on these Reddit threads, people who perceive that they are on the PC, or "right", side of an issue will respond, while many others who have a different view will not.

Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You? - Tell My Story

I'd be curious what the result would be if someone ran a proper study on this question. I tend to agree with you. Reading some of the comments reminds me how diverse certain opinions are. Am currently exclusive with a gal who is older than me, smarter than me, and who makes significantly more dough than me. We are quite different but somehow get along like gangbusters.

Her friends are skeptical and probably view me as a temporary mistake, though. That could become an issue over the longer term. I've no insecurity about what I make or my own intelligence however. Sure, I suspect some might. Some are put off by just about everything. Is it larger than the statistical norm? There are very few things that men 'have left' to identify themselves as men. I would guess that many men think of the provider role as one of them.

Would you prefer dating someone smarter than you? - The Student Room

Now without trying to come off as a total ass, I would suggest that this is probably more common in men who work in labour or people who never studied beyond high school. It's also possible that this isn't the actual reason people are 'breaking up' with you. It may just be they're providing a 'it's not you it's me' reason. All those observations aside, don't sweat it, don't get down on yourself. Relationships seem to really be a numbers game. How many bad apples do you have to dig through to find the right one.

If you continue finding the rotten ones though I might suggest changing how you're finding these people. Remember that some of the people who would answer "No" might not reply because it takes effort to justify an unpopular opinion so you don't offend too much or lose karma. I'm not a karma seeker but a few times didn't bother to post when it would be too hard to post in a way that wasn't hurtful. Like detailed questions about attraction and preferences.

Dating A Smart Woman

It might be true that in a relationship more men than women like to be or feel somewhat dominant or in control. Even if the relationship is pretty much equal. I don't remember hearing a man admit they see smarts or money as threatening or humiliating but it wouldn't surprise me if some do. I married somebody smarter than me, and when we married she made more money than me. So yeah, it's not an issue for me. Though, it's more of a hypothetical "yes".

I feel like a woman that is smarter and richer than me, probably has better prospects than me as well. All I ask of a woman is that she be smarter and better looking than I am. I don't think that's setting the bar terribly high.

My ex-girlfriend is legitimately independently wealthy. She'd not have to work a day in her life if she wanted to, however she's an attorney, and a damn good one. Though I have a six-figure income, and a higher wage than she does, she can do things that I could never imagine. That was never a place of intimidation, however. I figured if I can't compete with it, why try? I don't know if I could, but I often fantastise about being a kept man supported by a really rich lady ;.

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In all reality I have found that intelligent not fauxtelligent as has been mentioned but the actual really intelligent ladies tend to be incredibly interesting with diversified interests and hobbies, and as a bonus tend to be incredible in the bedroom!!! In contrast, ladies who are a bit, well, dumb tend to not have their own interests or hobbies, which means they look to you for entertainment And are much more likely to "starfish".

The income one is a tough call for me to be honest I've never tried it But I'd love to date someone who made as much as me. Those aren't remotely deal breakers for me. Who she is otherwise are several orders of magnitude more important. I prefer to date someone similar to me in lifestyle in that I have a professional job, earn decent money and live in a nice neighborhood. It wouldn't be ideal for me to date a woman who was a millionaire or living beneath the poverty line.

But it's not a matter of being intimidated. I don't want to go to fancy parties and black tie dinners or [insert stereotype for poor people]. Same goes for dating women smarter than me. Conversation might suffer if we're too far apart in intelligence.

But you don't get to control who you fall for so they're merely preferences. Hell, I married her. She would argue that we are smarter than each other in different ways. Hooray for multidimensional constructs. She makes more than me. Has for a while and probably always will.

Absolutely assuming everything else worked well. If they happened to be a bitch then a no bitch clause would kick in as it would with someone who was less intelligent or who earnt less. Some guys strongly feel the need to be a provider.

The Surprising Benefits Of Dating A Woman Who's Smarter Than You

If she provides for herself, and for the couple, he may find it emasculating. Maybe letting a guy like that fix stuff around the house or something else might help ease such concerns. Maybe he can't buy dinner at Per Se, but he can fix your car or garbage disposal. Holy hell it's a joy to date a woman who is capable of taking care of herself.

I've done it so rarely, but it is indeed glorious to date a fully functioning person. I'm looking for someone like you so just keep looking and maybe look in places where higher level men can be found. I can't give you a complete list but here are the type places where someone would usually find me:. Since you're in QLD, I might clarify that whole foods is a upscale grocery store. That might have been confusing. Also if you go to a gym in the morning, there are usually more ambitious guys working out at that time vs.

I would just thoroughly enjoy having a conversation without having to break down concepts or define words My wife is much more book smart than I am but in common sense terms I win in a landslide so it averages out at home. I thought she wasn't as smart as me but as time passed and our relationship grew I realized she just has a different way of looking at things logically. She weighs things looking through it with a more emotional point of view while I look at things with a practical one.

here Come to think of it im not smarter I'm just more knowledgeable on a wider spectrum of things. Each day I love her more and more and it's partly because of how she looks at things, she shows me that things have more than one viewpoint and should be looked at from all angles before getting frustrated or angry because an argument can't come to a conclusion. Its fine because while I am smarter than her and more able to understand complicated topics, her street smarts and ability to read people vastly exceeds mine so it all works out.

Her joke is that she will have to carry my weight in the event of a zombie apocalypse because I trust people to much.


Point being its just one aspect of the relationship and if the rest balances out its fine. My boyfriend is brilliant but so am I. He is so smart, he does research on things I can't even begin to understand. I can't wait for when he starts working on his phd. He is an engineer and I am so proud of him! I feel bad when he has to dumb things down for me, I wish I was on his level but his mind is so sexy.

He Will Push You

My strength is in more emotional things. There are different kinds of intelligence, so we're both smarter than the other. Just in different ways. I'm very book smart, but also naive and socially awkward. My husband is very street smart and mechanically inclined.